Text Expander, Inverse summarizer 6

Text Expander, Inverse summarizer 6


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Date Added:18 February, 2013

Author: Textexpander

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Download the latest release by clicking on "Browse all files" link, there are some special instructions to follow, once clicked on a link. Without them, PROGRAM WILL NOT WORK.

This program is a data-miner and a knowledge-miner. It does exactly the opposite of what the text summarizers do. A text summarizer produces a shortened text given some text as an input. An inverse summarizer takes the shortened input, a similar or a same text and does the process in reverse. This results in an expanded text.

It can be used with any text or notes that have the knowledge gaps. It is a great aid to any creative work
and it simply pin-points to data that may be of some relevance.

This program is as good as the automatic summarizer it reverses. User cannot expect a beautifully written works of art, but they can expect an expansion based on the knowledge they input.

Systems: Windows

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